Guardian Angels Program

The Guardian Angels Program is for donors who would like to pay the adoption fees for a dog or cat in our care.

The Santa Maria Humane Society strives to keep its adoption fees low so that any family who wants to enjoy the many benefits of companion animals can do so.  Even with reasonable adoption fees some cats and dogs in our care prove difficult to adopt out.  Maybe they don’t stand out, have one or more health issues, or that special someone just hasn’t come along for them.  To help encourage the adoption of these overlooked animals, Guardian Angels pre-pay their adoption fees. That way, when potential adopters are looking, these animals will be highlighted with “ADOPTION FEE PAID” notices so they stand out and have a higher chance of being adopted.

SMVHS always lets their Guardian Angles know when their dog or cat is adopted so they can join in the celebration that together we have saved another life!  You can also name another individual as a “Guardian Angel” by letting us know how to contact your honoree when you make your donation. We will send a letter along with information about the dog or cat for whom they will serve as Guardian Angel until a forever home is found.

If you’d like to become a Guardian Angel please contact Mary Coffee, 805-349-3435 ext. 120, or visit our Adoption Center and find that cat or dog who needs a Guardian Angel more than anything right now!