Pet Food Pantry

There are over 200 individuals or families in our community who are registered with us to receive donations of food for their pet(s). This program is intended for people who are unemployed, on state or government assistance, disability, or just need some extra help. If the only issue in keeping pets in their families is assistance with pet food, we are able to help with that.

This program is 100% supported through donations of pet food provided by private individuals and local retailers and is subject to the availability of donated food. All brands of dry and canned dog and cat food are gratefully accepted. If you are able to donate a bag or a few cans of pet food, know that it will go to help someone in our very own community. If you have a picky eater and your pet doesn't like what you've purchased, we will take it, even if the bag was previously opened.

The only stipulation we have is that the recipient has spayed or neutered their animals, and do not obtain any more. If they cannot afford to feed the pets they currently have, they don't need to breed any more. Pet overpopulation is a problem in our area and we want to do whatever it takes to control this situation. Through grants and special funding we are able to alter the pets for anyone in our Pet Pantry program free of cost to them.

When they get back on their feet we encourage pet food pantry recipients to "pay it forward". It's just good karma.

If you would like to donate to, or recieve food from, the Pet Food Pantry please contact us at 805-349-3435.