Surrender Your Pet

It's never an easy decision to surrender a pet that has been a part of your family. However, there are times and situations when this is necessary. It is our desire to help people in our community by accepting their dogs or cats into our adoption program as space allows. As a "no kill" shelter, the animals we have in our care stay with us until they are adopted. It is our intention to accept a variety of ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs and cats available for adoption to keep members of the public pouring through our doors to adopt their next best friend.

If you have a dog or cat, a puppy or kitten that you would like to place in our adoption program, please call us. We will ask you a series of questions to help determine if we will be able to meet your pet's needs and find him/her a good home quickly. This is no guarantee that we will be able to accept your pet, but providing us with the information in advance will enable us to reach out to you when space becomes available in our program. Animal acceptance decisions are at the discretion of our kennel manager, and are made in accordance with our organization's policies.

We strongly recommend taking action to find your pet a new home on your own, as it is less stressful for the animal to go directly from one private home to another.

The Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that exists on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and foundations that donate money to support our work. We receive no government funding. The average cost of caring for an animal in our adoption program is $690.00. Upon surrendering an animal to our program, we ask for a minimum suggested donation of $100 to help cover the cost of your pet's care and veterinary services while we search for a permanent home. Additional donations toward the true cost of caring for your animal are greatly appreciated.

If possible, please bring your pet's vaccination and health records. All new animals receive a temperament evaluation to ensure they are suitable for our adoption program and safe for our staff and volunteers to handle. All animals are provided a health exam by our shelter veterinarian, vaccinations, microchip and flea treatment. If they are not already altered, we will perform a spay or neuter surgery as well. This way the animal is ready to go when an adopter chooses to give a pet a loving, forever home.

For relinquishment questions, please call 805-349-3435 during regular business hours. Thank you for your commitment to finding a permanent, loving home for your animal.

Please be advised that, by law, we are not able to take in stray animals. You must be the legal owner of the animal in order to be able to surrender the animal to the SMVHS adoption program. All strays must be taken to your local county animal services shelter.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services – 548 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria - (805) 934-6119

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services – 885 Oklahoma Avenue, San Luis Obispo - (805) 781-4400