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Third-Party Fundraiser Events

Host your own event to help us save lives

Would you like to support the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society (SMVHS) with your own creative fundraising abilities?  A third-party event is an opportunity for you to use your ideas to help raise financial support for the animal shelter.  A third-party event can be as simple as gathering few friends together for dinner and giving your guests the opportunity to donate, organizing a bowling tournament, or having a bake or garage sale with the proceeds benefitting SMVHS to support our mission of saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats.

To get started, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and then complete and submit a Third-Party Event Application.  SMVHS is accountable to the public and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for fundraising activities using the name of Santa Maria Valley Humane Society. To this end, the following guidelines have been developed to serve as standards for those who organize special events, benefits or promotions on behalf of the organization. (“Sponsor” is the event organizer.)

Event Guidelines

Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is extremely grateful to the many outside people and organizations who wish to organize events to support our programs.  However, only those third-party events which meet specific criteria and benefit SMVHS will be considered for approval. Each event will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • A “Third Party Event” is any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group or individual, where SMVHS has no financial responsibility and minimal or no staff involvement.
  • After reviewing these guidelines, please complete and submit for approval the Third Party Event Application. Approval by SMVHS must be obtained before you advertise or hold your event. We suggest submitting your application three weeks prior to your event.
  • Santa Maria Valley Humane Society reserves the right to refuse funds raised at unapproved events and activities.
  • Third party events may not be represented as events sponsored by Santa Maria Valley Humane Society. Promotions for the event should reflect SMVHS as a beneficiary. For example, “proceeds from XYZ Fundraising Event will benefit Santa Maria Valley Humane Society.” All promotional materials related to an event benefiting SMVHS must be reviewed and approved prior to distribution.
  • Any requests for the use of Santa Maria Valley Humane Society’s logo or trademark must be used in accordance with written brand guidelines and must undergo approval.
  • All references to SMVHS in publicity and promotional materials for the event or promotion should utilize our complete legal name, “Santa Maria Valley Humane Society.”
  • Sponsor is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and clearances required by local and state government and complying with all applicable laws. Sponsor must also obtain appropriate insurance coverage as necessary.
  • SMVHS cannot be held liable for details associated directly or indirectly with the event, including, but not limited to, expenses, purchases, insurance or liability coverage.
  • Expenses incurred for conducting the event are the responsibility of the hosting volunteers and the Sponsor of the event. SMVHS will not be liable for any costs or expenses.
  • The event Sponsor is responsible for opening and maintaining his/her own bank account for the event. Bank accounts may not be opened in the name of SMVHS. Any check payable to SMVHS must be sent directly to SMVHS, 1687 W. Stowell Road, Santa Maria, CA 93458.
  • Only checks payable to SMVHS will be provided with a tax deductible acknowledgement letter in accordance with IRS and state tax regulations. Donations made out to an organizer or other source may be sent a general acknowledgment letter with no value attached.
  • Sponsor agrees to inform SMVHS of any effort to recruit major financial underwriters to ensure there is no duplication of underwriting efforts already underway by SMVHS.
  • If Sponsor represents to the public that proceeds will benefit other organizations in addition to SMVHS, Sponsor should be prepared to provide access to an accounting of revenues and expenses. If so requested, an accounting and fund distribution will be expected within 60 days after the conclusion of the special event or promotion.
  • Federal tax laws disallow third-party events from using Santa Maria Valley Humane Society Tax Exemption number or Federal Employer Identification number when purchasing any goods or services from suppliers or vendors.

SMVHS third-party event fundraisers

How can SMVHS support third-party events?

Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is really appreciative of the volunteers who organize and manage third-party events to support our programs. Due to managing our own fundraising events, SMVHS is extremely limited in the amount of assistance we can provide a third-party event.

  • SMVHS staff can provide advice and suggestions on event planning, as time allows.
  • SMVHS may approve the use of Santa Maria Valley Humane Society name, logo and collateral materials.
  • SMVHS can help create a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity and intention of a third party event and its organizers.
  • SMVHS can help promote your event, when appropriate, to our donors and supporters through social media platforms such as Facebook and email distribution up to two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • SMVHS will recognize event organizers and supporters after a third party event, when appropriate, to SMVHS community supporters and followers through social media platforms such as Facebook following the date of the event or when the contribution is submitted to SMVHS.
  • SMVHS will acknowledge donations and distribute tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted to Santa Maria Valley Humane Society.
  • With prior approval, SMVHS will consider providing guest speakers, additional volunteer support, and appearance of ambassador animals at third-party events as requested.

Third-Party Events Application