Pet Wellness Clinic

Quality, affordable medical services and spaying or neutering of dogs and cats in the community through our modern veterinary clinic is a critical part of the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society mission.  Keeping animals who have homes healthy, helps those animals stay in their homes and out of the shelter.

How Your Dollars Help

Revenue generated by the veterinary clinic directly supports the mission of the Humane Society by funding health care for homeless and abused animals.  Your patronage of our veterinary clinic, along with generous financial donations, helps us raise vital funds that will make a world of difference to the thousands of homeless and abandoned animals in need who come through our doors each year.

Limited veterinarian examinations, treatment for minor skin, ear and eye conditions, vaccinations, flea prevention, deworming, and microchipping are all available during wellness clinics.


Information Call: 805-349-3435, Ext 2 or Book Online!