Veterinary Care at the Santa Barbara & Santa Maria Valley Humane Societies

When your pet needs quality veterinary care, we can help. Our affordable services are a critical part of our continued commitment to the animals and people who love them on the Central Coast. Funding from our community members in support of our low cost and sometimes free care is vital to serving those who need us most. 

When you contribute, you are a part of the mission too.

Any dollars we collect as part of your pet’s care provides an opportunity to help more. When you choose us to spay or neuter your pet, to provide his/her vaccinations, or another service, you are supporting our transport program to bring in animals for adoption from overcrowded shelters. You are supporting the medical care homeless animals may need upon arrival to us and you are helping fellow community members who may need financial support to have the same service for their pets.

All clinic visits are scheduled by appointment only.

To see a list of our services or schedule an appointment select the campus nearest you:

Santa Barbara Campus

Santa Maria Campus