Rehoming a Pet 

In those rare circumstances when a pet needs to be rehomed, we have resources to help. Rehoming can be for different reasons that are related to the pet or to an owner’s change in circumstance. Review our resources to help you with your specific need.

I need to find a new home for my pet

We understand that making the decision to rehome your pet is very difficult. Our downloadable guide provides resources to help you keep your pet or along with alternatives to surrendering to a shelter.


My pet’s behavior is challenging, he or she may need a new home

When your pet is behaving badly, our team may be able to help. From litter box issues to jumping we can offer tips and provide additional resources.

Call us at 805-964-4777

Be sure to visit our Resources for Pet Owners page for additional information on dog and cat behavior.

My pet has health issues I cannot afford

Veterinary care can be expensive and for some seem impossible to afford. Our Santa Maria Campus provides some services for low-income qualified families throughout the County who may be in need.

If you are currently utilizing a need-based assistance program such as MediCal, MediCaid, WIC, CalWORKS, BIA general assistance, CalFresh, SSI, SSD, Section 8 housing, or major VA disability, you qualify. Exceptions have been made for others and may only be approved by the VP of Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Practice Manager.

Pet owners should be encouraged to pay whatever portion of services they can afford. Our clinic is not a full-service clinic so not every ailment can be supported, but we welcome you to call and ask if your pet needs veterinary care.

Call our Santa Maria clinic to discuss your individual needs:

I need to find pet-friendly housing

Sometimes all you need is a great story. Below are resources for finding pet-friendly housing, homeowners insurance, and writing a resumé to help your pet shine.

Pet-friendly Housing Resources

People with Pets offers a search engine for locating pet-friendly apartments, housing, and hotels along with other pet-related resources (pet services, products, events, attractions, restaurants, parks, beaches, and more.)

Use ABODO’s cat and dog filters to quickly sift through a large inventory of pet-friendly housing.

Get Help Finding Homeowners or Renters Insurance

BADRAP provides information about finding homeowners and renters insurance that does not discriminate by breed.

Write a Resumé for Your Pet

The following websites offer helpful tips on writing a winning resumé for your pet:


American Kennel Club




I have exhausted your resources. I need to relinquish.

We understand how challenges arise and as a Socially Conscious Animal Shelter, no animal will be turned away. In order for us to provide the best service and to get to know all we can to help find another home for your pet, we ask that animals are admitted by appointment.

Contact us via email or call and leave a message for our intake staff. Once received, our staff will contact you to discuss your options. If an intake is scheduled, we will send you an intake form to complete.

If you plan on surrendering your dog, please begin the process by filling out this form.

If you plan on surrendering your cat, please begin the process by filling out this form.

Contact us for more information

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 805-964-4777

Please be aware that in order to provide our services to all animals in need, there is a $55 fee per adult animal or per litter of animals that are relinquished.

If you live outside of Santa Barbara County, please seek assistance from your local humane society or animal services center. The fee for any animals relinquished from outside Santa Barbara County is $150.