Humane Society Logos and an attentive dog and cat


April 15, 2020

An Operational Update For All Our Dedicated Supporters

As the stay-at-home orders continue, we wanted to update you on where we are and how the animals in our care are doing.
Although we took a quick pause on all operations when the Governor’s order was officially stated, we used that time to get a handle on what was the safest way to move forward putting the health and safety of our staff first.
Although we remain closed to the public for our services, we have implemented a process that works for adoptions. We have instituted telephonic counseling and contactless pickups which allow for physical distancing for the adopter and our team. It has worked incredibly well aiding us in placing more than 70 animals just in the last couple weeks alone.
Our population is dwindling and that is a good thing. After all, our number one job has always been to find loving homes for dogs and cats in need.
If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs and cats from our organization, the best way we have found is to start the process with an email. Once the staff receives the email with the interested adopter’s information, they follow up with a phone call to provide a counseling session to provide more information on the dog or cat and make sure they would be a fit for the adopter’s home.
We have an email for each campus since our population is different at each however, do not let that limit you. For our adopters we are more than willing to take a dog or cat to the other campus for you.
We plan to continue this until we get all our animals into homes! If you know someone interested in one of our animals – here are the email addresses you can share:

For Adoptions: North Campus Animals – Santa Maria Valley – [email protected]

For Adoptions: : South Campus Animals – Santa Barbara – [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support of us in these times.