dog at veterinary visitSouth Campus Clinic
Santa Barbara

All clinic visits are scheduled by appointment only. Review our services and book at the link below.

Spay/Neuter Services
(Includes pain medications and e-collar):

2 – 30 lbs. $125
31 – 60 lbs. $150
61 – 90 lbs. $200
91+ lbs. $250

Male $75
Female $95

Additional services that may be required:
Cryptorchid- Testicle(s) not descended $40 – $100
Umbilical Hernia Repair                                   $30 – $75
Dewclaw Removals                                           $50 – $150
IV Catheter & Fluids*                                       $50
Pre-Operative Blood Work**                       $65

*We recommend IV catheters & fluid support for surgery patients aged five to seven. This service is required for all patients eight or older.

** We recommend pre-operative blood work for surgery patients aged five to seven. This service is required for all patients eight or older. This should be completed at least 24 hours before surgery is performed.

To schedule services click here.

Vaccination and Deworming Services

Rabies vaccine: $15.00
Distemper-Parvo vaccine: $20.00
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine: $20.00
Leptospirosis vaccine: $20.00
K9 Influenza Bivalent vaccine: $25.00
Heartworm test: $25.00

PureVax Rabies vaccine (1year): $20.00
PureVax Rabies vaccine (3 year): $60.00
FVRCP vaccine: $20.00
Feline Leukemia vaccine*: $20.00
FIV/FeLV Test: $40.00 

*All cats must be tested for Leukemia prior to beginning Leukemia vaccination series.

Roundworm & Hookworm Deworming: $10.00
Tapeworm Deworming (2-30 lbs.): $20.00
Tapeworm Deworming (31+ lbs.): $40.00

 Flea Treatments:
Nexgard Oral Flea Control: $19.00 (1-month supply)
Bravecto Flea Control: $57.00 (3-month supply)

Additional Veterinary Services

Microchipping: $25.00

Nail Trimming
Cats $15.00
Dogs $25.00

To schedule services, click here.

If you have additional questions, call us at: ( 805) 964-4777 x 281

We also offer limited preventative medications for sale in our clinics. These include flea and heartworm medications. To inquire about contactless pick up please call our campus office. 

If you fear your animal has another condition requiring a medical visit, see our list of other services we offer. If your pet’s symptom or challenge is not listed here, we recommend reaching out to a local veterinarian near you.

Does your pet need additional care? We do offer other services in Santa Maria at our north campus. To see a list of all services available in Santa Maria click here.

To schedule an appointment for one of these concerns, click here.

Post-Surgical Instructions